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Power of Attorney After Death

As the use of a power of attorney becomes more popular, one of the common ways people try to avoid probate is by continuing to act under the designation after… Read more →

What to do if an Executor is not communicating with the Beneficiaries of an Estate

  An executor is a personal representative of an estate who was selected by the decedent in his or her Last Will and Testament to ensure that the wishes of… Read more →

Choosing a NYC Estate Lawyer

Choosing an estate lawyer for your particular situation is less about having someone tell you what to do and more about finding someone you can trust to guide you through… Read more →

How Does a Will (Or No Will) Affect an NYC Estate?

  The idea of opening an estate can be overwhelming, regardless of whether you are doing it on your own or have retained the services of a NYC estate lawyer.… Read more →

How to Track Down Estate Assets In NYC

In most estate administration proceedings, there typically is no need to hire an asset search company to find assets belonging to the decedent. Retaining the services of an official company… Read more →

Dealing with Real Estate Owned by an Estate in NYC

When the concept of an estate comes to mind, the first picture that pops up is typically a home owned by the decedent during their life.  Whether the property is… Read more →

3 Things Not To Do As An Executor

Whether your motive is to help the heirs of a deceased receive their inheritance, collect executor commissions, or to simply help yourself receive your bequest, executors are increasingly jeopardizing their… Read more →

What is a probate lawyer and what do they do?

The Main Objective of a Probate Law Firm Most people turn first to the Surrogate’s Court for assistance after someone dear passes away. If the matter is complicated or the… Read more →

Three Tips For Estate Planning and Probate

At Mishiyeva Law, we are consistently publishing articles on the subject of probate law and estate planning. If we could recommend one article for New York City residents to read, it would… Read more →

Estate Planning For Your Digital Legacy

When people make an estate plan, they consider such things as their artwork, real property, car, and other tangible personal items. We focus much of our time contemplating our material legacy… Read more →

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

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